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Sanyo Denki is continually developing new cooling fans and stepper motors to meet the changing needs of our key markets.

The news stories below cover the most recently launched products, if you would like to know more about them, please download data, or call us

EAO News

3 May 2024

New Sanyo Denki 120RA 92×38 mm Axial DC fan offers 5dB(A) lower noise and 13% reduced power consumption.

EAO Ltd has introduced a new low-noise, and low power equipment cooling fans.

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8 January 2024

Latest low noise, energy efficient cooling fans offer extended life time

EAO Ltd has introduced a new family of low-noise, low power, longer-life equipment cooling fans.

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8 January 2024

Next generation 56mm stepper motors provide 40% higher torque and 3% higher efficiency

EAO has introduced a new family of 56mm two-phase stepper motors that offer up to 40% higher torque than existing models to reduce cycle times and improve positioning speed in end-equipment .

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31 October 2023

New 120AD 120x25mm ACDC fan uses 70% lower power and has double the lifetime

EAO Ltd has introduced the new Sanyo Denki 120AD range of 120mm by 25mm ACDC fans. These energy efficient axial fans provide a maximum static pressure of 62 Pa and maximum airflow of 2.35 m3/min or 83 CFM.

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4 September 2023

New Sanyo Denki high power, low vibration stepper motor drivers

EAO Ltd, Burgess Hill, September 2023 - Sanyo Denki’s new stepper motor drivers offer lower-vibration stepper motor control and can now drive higher torque motors that can contribute to reduced equipment positioning cycle times.

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17 February 2023

New 120ADA 120×38 mm Axial EC AC fan delivers 30% higher airflow and double the static pressure.

EAO Ltd has introduced the new Sanyo Denki 120ADA and the 120ADAW waterproof IP68 range of 120mm by 38mm energy efficient EC (electronically commutated) AC fans.

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8 September 2022

San Ace Centrifugal Fan Application “FFU” – Video

Centrifugal Fans blow air perpendicular to the inlet direction. They particularly excel in static pressure, and are ideal for cooling high mounting density equipment including servers storage systems, and heat exchangers.

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18 August 2022

Highly reliable and low noise fan realizes new development of a cold storage for medical use – Case Study

Problem The customer wanted to reduce the noise of the cooling fans. High reliability is important for use in medical equipment. Solution and Results Achieved low noise while maintaining cooling performance. High reliability ensured by thorough quality control.

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