Quiet operation and high reliability required for fans in medical equipment

A Corp. manufactures and sells various electrical products. In response to the spread of COVID-19, the company is focusing on the development of a medical cold storage for transporting and storing vaccines and pharmaceuticals.
Mr. B, of A Corp.’s technical development department, explains.
“Our initial idea was to use a fan from an overseas manufacturer, which had been used in our existing products. Cold storages installed in health centers and hospitals are often used in close proximity to people, so noise levels must be kept as low as possible.
In addition, vaccines and other pharmaceuticals require strict temperature control, so we must avoid the loss of use of them due to equipment failure or other reasons. In developing a new storage, we decided to once again review the fans used to cool the equipment’s power supply and circuit boards.”
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Solution and Results

Significantly reduced noise while maintaining cooling performance

Mr. B, who had been gathering information in search of a reliable, low noise fan, came across SANYO DENKI’s website.
“We learned that SANYO DENKI’s products are widely used in medical equipment and other devices that require high reliability and quiet operation,” he said.
Mr. B found the cooling fans impressive, and promptly contacted them.

Then, a SANYO DENKI sales representative listened carefully to his problems, and proposed a San Ace 9RA type (92 × 92 × 25 mm).
“We compared the catalog values with those of a fan from an overseas manufacturer used in our existing models, and found that the air flow and static pressure were equivalent or even higher, while the noise level could be reduced. The sales representative also explained about SANYO DENKI’s efforts to ensure high quality and reliability, such as the in-house evaluation tests and inspection system during manufacturing,” said Mr. B.

Point 1 Highly reliable and high performance design

1. Highly reliable and high performance design

San Ace was the Japan’s first domestically produced cooling fan in 1965, and has been continuously developed while maintaining a high level of reliability. SANYO DENKI design and develop highly reliable, high-performance fans at our two Technology Centers located in Ueda City, Nagano Prefecture, and in the Subic Bay Freeport Zone of the Republic of the Philippines.
All DC fans are equipped with ball bearings that stabilize the load during rotation and rotor covers that secure the magnets and blades, ensuring high reliability and long life.

Point 2 High quality production and manufacturing

2. High quality production and manufacturing

SANYO DENKI has accumulated technologies to provide high quality products in terms of production technology. For example, with high-precision mold production in-house, we realize high quality manufacturing in a short period of time. Moreover, all fans are subjected to balance corrections and inspections during the production process, which are crucial to their service life and reliability. We are committed to production with the most particular technology.

Noise and power consumption reduction at equipment installation were the deciding factors in the adoption of the fan

Later, Mr. B requested for samples right away, and started to evaluate them. The in-house testing went smoothly and, results confirmed that the noise level could be reduced while satisfying the cooling performance even at equipment installation. Furthermore, they confirmed that the power consumption could also be reduced, and soon after, A Corp. decided to use the San Ace 9RA type.
“Thanks to the proposal of the low-noise fan, we were able to solve the noise issues. And, we were also convinced of the high reliability of SANYO DENKI’s fans, knowing that their fans are used in medical equipment, data centers, and other equipment where reliability is important, and that their manufacturing is thoroughly committed to high quality and reliability, including strict in-house evaluation tests and inspection of all products.
Also, they were very flexible in responding to our needs for customization, not only regarding the specifications of the product but also the connector assembly and other customization requests. This greatly reduced our assembly man-hours and enabled us to rapidly set up a system to manufacture and sell the cold storages for medical use. SANYO DENKI’s fans are available in many variations and features, and we will actively consider using them in our future product developments.” said Mr. B.