EAO Ltd, Burgess Hill, September 2023 – Sanyo Denki’s new stepper motor drivers offer lower-vibration stepper motor control and can now drive higher torque motors that can contribute to reduced equipment positioning cycle times.

The F2B Series drivers are suitable for 2-phase motors and come in a high-power version the F2BFD400P100 that drives motors with phase currents from 3 to 4A which are typically used in 56mm and 86mm motors. Sanyo Denki’s PC driver software allows easy setting and adjustment of I/O signals current value selection and the storage of maintenance notifications.  There are also motor safety functions including overcurrent detection, abnormal power supply voltage and excess temperature alarm signals that can be used for the implementation of a safe motor stop.


The F2BED200P100 driver is a modern, mechanical mounting, and signal-compatible plug-and-play replacement for the popular BS1D200P10 stepper driver that offers up 33% lower vibration operation with a 39% reduction in weight.


Both drivers have a range of operating function selections including, pulse input mode, resolution, low vibration mode, operating current, step angle and current at rest.


The F5P Series are also available for the precise control of Sanyo Denki’s 5-phase motors

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