EAO Ltd, Burgess Hill, February 2023 – EAO Ltd has introduced the new Sanyo Denki 120ADA and the 120ADAW waterproof IP68 range of 120mm by 38mm energy efficient EC (electronically commutated) AC fans. These axial fans provide a maximum static pressure of 170 Pa double that of the current Sanyo Denki 120AD fans and with a 30% higher maximum airflow of 3.9 m3/min or 138 CFM.

The 120ADAW waterproof versions are sealed to IP68 to cope with environments subject to moisture. These fans feature a wide 90 VAC to 264 VAC operating voltage at 50/60Hz- so a one product can be used globally. The EC motor technology offers significant power savings over traditional AC fans – generally reducing running costs by over 30% and typically using only 9.0W.

The built-in pulse sensor (tacho) connection can be used to monitor the fan speed and assist in fault diagnosis. The optional PWM control can be used to further reduce power consumption and fan noise using a PWM controller such as the Sanyo Denki 9PC8666X-S01.

Engineered in UL94V-0 rated black plastic housing with dual ball bearings, these new fans provide reliability figures of 70,000 hours MTBF at 40°C (40,000 hour at 60°C) as standard or 90,000 hours MTBF at 40°C (60,000 hour at 60°C) for IP68 versions, ensuring trouble-free long-term operation whatever the environment.

EAO Ltd is a cooling systems specialist offering expert advice and is equipped with a Sanyo Denki Portable airflow tester system that can be used to generate the impedance curves needed for accurate thermal designs in our customers’ equipment.